Welcome to Sommerach – Welcome to Past and Present Days.

The small town of Sommerach stands out for its warm hospitality, excellent wine and culinary delights and last but not least for its amazing surroundings.  

Its historic name “Sumeraha” is a promise.
Literally it means „the place on the sunny side of a river“.
In fact, Sommerach is an exceptionally sun-kissed place in the region.

The historic centre is still framed by medieval town walls and two gates. A stroll will take you back to past times. You can feel and enjoy the atmosphere of a genuine old Franconian wine growing place with historic buildings, wooden framed houses and outstanding cultural sights.

Sommerach has about 1,400 inhabitants. It is situated along the southern banks of the winding river Main. In 2014 it was awarded a gold medal as one of the most attractive small towns in Europe by an international jury.   

Lived rural traditions based on the cultivating of fine wines, which dates back to the 11th century, the protection of the historic heritage combined with the present-day-  charms of the place – these are the pillars of Sommerach’s identity.

is the place to be for tourists and guests who want to have a fine time in a beautiful natural scenery, relax in a cafè, taste traditional and other dishes in fine restaurants and enjoy the excellent local wines.

Hotels, bed and breakfast places or families offer fine accommodation.
Sommerach also has a large and idyllic camping site near the river.   

A choice of activities:

Wine trails (optionally with guides)
Viewpoints in the vineyards
Biking or hiking on trails along the river Main and across the soft and unspoilt countryside and through the vineyards
Clean lakes and nearby swimming pools
Playgrounds for kids
Skating ground
Tennis court
Guided tours on specific themes (also in English).
Wine lounge and wine bar in the local wine cooperative
Wine tasting in one of the many wineries   
Wine festivities
Culinary and cultural events
Various local traditions (see calendar)

Sommerach offers enough to persuade visitors to relax and stay a little longer.